Sunday, May 8

My miracle mother :')

On mother's day, I want you to know, without you there would be no me. Your love, your attention, your guidance, have made me who I am. Without you, I would be lost, wondering aimlessly, without direction or purpose. You showed me the way to serve, to accomplish, to persevere. And, without you there would be an empty space I could never fill, no matter how I tried. Instead, because of you I have joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace. Thank you, Mom. You're always there when I need you to comfort and to care. I know I'm in your thoughts, your love follows me everywhere. Thanks again Mom, thank for all you've done and given so generously. I have always love you and I always will! You're a heaven-sent blessing to me.

My Beloved Mom, Zuridah Samion :)

Nobody's Like You, Mom

Nobody's quite like you, Mom.

You're special in every way.

You cheer me up, you fill my cup

with tenderness, come that may.

Nobody love me like you, Mom.

No matter what I do,

Good or bad, happy or sad,

You support me,You always come through.

Nobody's equal to you, Mom.

With you in my life, I'm blessed.

I love you so, and I want you to know

You're my wonderful mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

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